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Ultimate Guide to System Development Life Cycle

It explains how each and every aspect of the product, as well as each component, should function. This phase lays out what will happen during the project’s life cycle and decides whether or not it will succeed. At this point, the team structure, time frame, budget, security, and other critical issues should all be considered. […]

Why Do Consulting Engineers Cost So Much?

Arm yourself with previously undisclosed data on real-world consulting fees. Gain the knowledge, confidence, and proven strategies to raise your rates significantly. Stop leaving money on the table and start commanding the fees you deserve. The world region and country you’re living in are one of the biggest factors that determine your hourly rates. While […]

Product testing: How to conduct an effective product assessment

Usability testing is great for optimizing UX and making the navigation around the product more intuitive. Concept testing takes place early on when you want to validate your ideas before you start building them. First, you need to identify problems to solve and formulate research questions and hypotheses. For example, testing footwear may require that […]

How to use HTTPS in an ASP Net Application

Microsoft is heavily invested in their development platforms, their developer community, and supporting the software companies use to run these applications. This means you don’t need to worry about your software becoming yesterday’s news any time soon. Interpreted code is not directly executed by the machine, but must be read and interpreted each time before […]

A Culture Of Test Automation: Four Steps To Embracing It With Confidence

After all, predefined test cases on their own have their limits and might not capture every single issue without actual professional experience. Stakeholders can use these reports and analyze data to gain valuable insights into how ready the software is to brim up to its full potential. A test environment is a setup and infrastructure […]