Is it possible to Get Pregnant By a guy You Have Never Really Had Sex With?

What an insane subject with this blog. Any normal individual would instantly believe that apart from blending a cocktail of semen and egg in a fertility hospital, if a woman had been to be impregnated by a particular man, she should have had intercourse with him. Appropriate? But, sigh, reproductive life is not too cut-and-dry.

Within the brand new book “Why Is your penis Shaped Like That? Along with other Reflections on Being personal,” psychologist Jesse Bering Ph.D. makes a classy case that progression on the penis mind progressed in order to fight the reality that as a species we humans are apt to have lots polygamy or perhaps something of “perceived monogamy.”

Contained in this fascinating study, Dr. Bering describes the penis form like it will be the planet’s best plunger and scraper.

“just the human beings species has a unique mushroom-capped glans, that’s attached to the shaft by a slim structure of frenulum,” writes Bering.

And the guy continues on to spell out that evolutionary anthropologists and psychologists imagine that big glans kinds a ridge all the way across the shaft — a fantastic instrument to clean the within of vagina of every other mans semen.

This will demonstrably put a guy’s own infant fruit juice at a bonus. Scrape away the last man’s ammo and take your own skyrocket deeply in to the vagina.

There is only one problem.

What regarding that different people’s sperm which has collected in ridge of a mind and (in many cultures) is properly tucked away at the perfect heat under a foreskin.

The obvious solution, definitely, would be to simply take a bath, rebel that foreskin and rinse away your competition’s troops. If perhaps all men had been so clean.

Alternatively, remains of another people’s sperm can gather in foreskin and stay inadvertently remaining in the subsequent lady the man has intercourse with. Really. In accordance with Bering, it’s possible.

There you’ve got it. One study revealed that approximately 10 percent of babies created in US healthcare facilities lack DNA that matches the doting Daddy cooing at their own healthcare facility cradle.

So now you could surmise that an abundance of this really is due to great conventional unfaithfulness. But who was unfaithful? Mom or the dad who pulled some other mans semen away from their mistress?

Hmmm…makes one think, doesn’t it?